Without having to fall into a kind of dangerous relativism, where everything is valid just because it belongs to another culture, we have to accept that there are culturally conditioned views of social justice and equality. That is why concepts, especially social concepts, can not simply be imported, simply grafted from one culture into the other. It does not work. It has not worked in India, not in many of the other so-called developing countries. This is so because all critique has to be in a sense a self-critique. You can only learn from another culture after you have assimilated into you own culture, digested into your own culture those foreign aspects that you are willing to accept. You must indigenize them before they can really grow and become strong in a new cultural milieu. Otherwise they will just be artificial appendages that will finally stop functioning. This of course also applies to the principle of equality.

Vidya Nivas Mishra

Del Ganges al Mediterráneo

un dialógo filosófico entre Rafael Argullol y Vidya Nivas Mishra

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